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Kamuge Missions International is a Non Government Organisation, a true 'grass roots' organisation, that was formed in 2019 by people from various countries around the world, working together with the people of Uganda to give them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. All people who are involved are volunteers and donate their own time, skills and money into the projects. This is born out of a desire to serve the Kingdom of God and to see real and lasting changes for the most poor and vulnerable.


Helping people to help themselves.

Rather than giving 'hand outs' which encourages a dependency mind set, we teach and empower the people to break the bondages they are in through relying on God alone. KMI is dedicated to sharing knowledge and training people in various facets such as improved farming practices, medical assistance and training, modern building techniques and biblical discipleship. We believe that by training people who train other people the hope for a better future is given to the  people of Uganda.

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